lake superior design retreat 2014

LSDR-triptichI attended the Lake Superior Design Retreat at the end of February — what an amazing weekend. Five presenters, who came from a variety of disciplines, talked about their creative process. One thing I love about this conference is how you see connections in the work. Pictured above (l-r) Eric Gjerde’s origami, architect Christopher Haas’ stage design, and Chuck Hoberman’s model for a transformable structure. Visually, the similarity that these all bend and transform is cool. But the similarity I was really impressed with, was the way each of these men jumped into unknown territory and applied their skills in areas they couldn’t have anticipated. Eric is currently working on ways to fold antennas for space, Christopher is designing glasses which have visual blinders, and Chuck is designing a stadium roof that expands like the f-stop of a camera lens. Very inspiring stuff.

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