Archive | June, 2015


double negative image 11-2 original images

I spent an evening scanning stacks of 2 1/4 negatives of family photos when I accidentally placed 2 negs on the flatbed scanner at the same time — and this etherial image appeared (shown at top). A family camping trip took on new dimension alluding to a hidden storyline — and it was simply light moving through 2 pieces of film. Old school. Without Photoshop. How cool is that?


stamp it


You know those never-ending draft approvals, sometimes stretching over months? We wanted to make the drafts more enjoyable, so we brainstormed ways to make the approval process more playful. We landed on these kitschy phrases and thought a stamp would be a good way to add or replace comments–“crazy good” for approved, and “could be worse” for edits. There’s always something satisfying and fun about stamping.