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Amy Kirkpatrick-MNOpera Brocure

Bassman inspiration_Michal Daniel MN Opera photo

Michal Daniel photo_Steve Kemmerling retouching_Amy Kirkpatrick art direction

The season brochures for Minnesota Opera have always been one of my favorite projects. I aim to capture the over-the-top emotion and drama.

This year, my inspiration started with Lillian Bassman, an amazing fashion photographer from the 1940s through the 1960s. In the darkroom she used tissues and gauzes to blur areas of a picture and applied bleach to manipulate tone.

The authentic emotions of the performance were beautifully captured by Michal Daniel for Minnesota Opera. I partnered with Steve Kemmerling who artfully retouched Michal’s photography to apply Bassman’s painterly feel. Glen Porter at Bolger Printing ensured the precision color on press. The team effort was extraordinary.

The Opera has recieved a great response to the season images, and I can’t wait to see them bigger than life at bus stops across the Twin Cities during the year.